Author: Jamie Toth

  • Mother of All Shows: Spoiler-Free Review

    Mother of All Shows: Spoiler-Free Review

    On its official website, Mother of All Shows is described as a Mother / Daughter Traumedy, and that’s a wonderful description for Melissa D’Agostino’s first feature. For those of us navigating the fraught waters of how to deal with narcissistic parents or negative body image, not only will this resonate, but there’s healing and redemption […]

  • Kenneth Branagh’s Dead Again Film Review

    A Neo-Noir with fine performances and a fun set of twists — like only … opera can deliver. As a child I loved Shakespeare, so as a teengaer I was one of those theatre kids. What else was I going to be in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, PA? In the 90’s, […]

  • Only In Theaters

    Only In Theaters

    The Laemmle family has been in film since the beginning, and ‘Only in Theaters’ chronicles this iconic family’s impact on cinema, in particular the impact of the chain of theaters in Southern California bearing their name and run by CEO Greg Laemmle. Opening at the Laemmle family’s Shabbat table, the documentary weaves images and film […]

  • Bristol Fashion

    Bristol Fashion

    ‘Bristol Fashion’ is a sweet, moving slice of life movie that follows a young transgender woman, Christina (Lea Nayeli) as she navigates the fraught waters of her life. ‘Bristol Fashion’ is an intimate look at her life in these moments, and it escapes stereotypes and cliches. We are offered a window into this turbulent time […]

  • I Was At The Pre-Premiere of Tommy Wiseau’s New Movie, Big Shark

    I Was At The Pre-Premiere of Tommy Wiseau’s New Movie, Big Shark

    It Is One of My Top Movie-Going Experiences Ever. You’re either going to understand what that means, and you’ll continue (or perhaps you’ll stop reading right there), or you’ll think, ‘huh?’ Allow me to present the trailer, and you can decide if you want to stick around. I’ll be as spoiler-free as the trailer is.This […]