Indie Films Sought For Review

Hi, I’m Jamie! I truly love independent film, and supporting those who make it is not only an incredible honor but deeply fulfilling for me! If you have an indie film that you need a review for – send me a screener and let’s talk! I would love to have more independent films to review!

You can get a sense of the sorts of films I like from looking at other films I’ve reviewed, or my new (sort of!) LetterBoxd account!

I truly believe that independent film has the capability of becoming an amazing source of good and healing for the world – it’s able to tell stories that mainstream movies aren’t interested in. Given the events of the past several years, I think we’ve all learned the power of representation.

If you’re an actor, producer, director, etc. – and you have a film you’d like to have reviewed – send me an email at !


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